All DUY’s plug-ins available for Pro Tools Ultimate

DUY’s AAX plug-ins are totally compatible with the latest Pro Tools Ultimate versions.

To download the latest AAX installers, log into your DUY.COM account. If you’re not a DUY user, but would like to try a demo version of any of DUY’s AAX2 plug-ins you can also do so, by creating a free account at DUY.COM

DUY’s supported plug-ins are DUY Analog BUS, DUY POWER, DUY DaD Valve, DUY DaD Tape, DUY Shape, DUY Wide, MAX DUY, DUY Magic Spectrum, DUY MagicEQ, DUY31, DUY Silence and DUY Deep Analog EQ.

These newly released versions support previous ProTools 10, 11 or 12 versions as well.

( Windows versions are not supported )

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