POWER released

We proudly present DUY POWER, an all-new  DUY plug-in built on the backbone of DUY’s exclusive ILE algorithm,  which is the brain behind this intelligently adaptive spectral dynamics processor. The great advantage of DUY POWER is that there is no need to adjust thresholds, knees, slopes, ratios, attack or release times, which are usually required in dynamics processors. It automatically does it all for you! DUY POWER is still simpler to use than Dream Dynamics.

The plug-in is unbelievably simple to use, 1 knob does it all. Just set the maximum peak levels desired by increasing the “Amount” of loudness on the plug-in’s only knob, and automatically there is a louder level but still preserving music color.

– Delivers maximum loudness for music
– Seamless, transparent and analog powered
– Music-color is preserved
– Exclusive ILE algorithm automatically adjusts controls which are typical of dynamics processors
– Intelligently adaptive spectral dynamics processor
– Extremely easy to use!

POWER is already available through this website at the bargain price of 99€


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