MAX DUY demo


15 days demo of MAX DUY, a classic sound level maximizer based on exclusive ILO algorithm.



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MAX DUY is a a sound level maximizer based on DUY’s exclusive ILO algorithm.

It can be purchased individually or as part of other bundles, such as DUY’s EverPack or DUY Essentials bundles.

-Exclusive ILO (Intelligent Level Optimization) algorithm provides the following features:
-Seamless level maximizing.
-Zero harmonic distortion even at low frequencies.
-Unnecessary level scaling and limiting thus improving signal to noise ratio.
-Release free operation avoiding unwanted pumping effect.
-Easy and intuitive user interface.
-Maximum resolution peak level meters with hold and shift function.

Sound level optimization for music, film soundtracks, broadcast and multimedia.
Processing of individual tracks or final mixes.
CD mastering.

System requirements

 and VST3
Mac OSX 10.7 or higher. 
 El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Biig Sur and Monterrey compatible.
ProTools 12 and 64-bit systems are supported.
Windows is not supported.
In general, same system requirements as your host program.

A generation 2 or 3 iLok dongle is required for authorization.