DUY Easy Mastering Bundle


The 4 essential plugins for seamless mastering


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This bundle of  DUY plug-ins for AAX, Audio Units, VST and VST3, contains 4 amazing high-quality plug-ins: MagicEQ, Dream Dynamics, Monster MIX, and POWER.

With the Easy Mastering Bundle, you no longer need accurate monitors to masterize your music productions. Now you can do it with small speakers or even headphones at home. Our intelligent software will do a high-precision equalization for you in seconds.



DUY MagicEQ is a high-quality mastering tool, based on an intelligent equalization algorithm that makes it an automatic equalizer!! Read all about MagicEQ LE here.

Dream Dynamics is a revolutionary audio processor that optimizes music loudness intelligently. It can replace classical multi-band compressors, limiters, and levelers, delivering a better sound and providing much greater ease of use.

Monster MIX is a simple and powerful automatic dynamics and equalization optimizer. It gives that professional final touch to any musical mix at a touch.

POWER is a simple and revolutionary audio processor that optimizes music loudness intelligently. You don’t have to adjust thresholds, knees, slopes, ratios, attack, or release times. It automatically does it all for you!



System requirements

2, and VST3
Mac OSX 10.7 or higher. 
 El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur and Monterrey compatible.
ProTools 12 and 64-bit systems supported.
Windows not supported.
In general, the same system requirements as your host program.

An iLok is required for authorization.